Dear parents,

Being a Christian isn’t always easy. Cultural bullying occurs when people speak up for and follow Jesus. So Christians can be hesitant about diving into our faith’s more spectacular components. Jesus’ miracles seem to fall into that category. Although Jesus regularly did tangible miracles that blew people’s minds, we often struggle to grasp what that means for us today.

This week’s Bible passage provides another example of that. Jesus took one boy’s lunch and miraculously multiplied it to feed thousands of people. No one contested this when it happened, yet today some critics argue that a group of people merely shared all their food after a little boy got the ball rolling.

But Jesus hasn’t stopped being God. He calls us to share his heart for people. This week, our group discussed what that means.

Here are a few questions you can use to discuss this topic with your teenager:

  • What makes it easy or difficult to be a follower of Jesus these days? How might your faith be different if you’d actually seen Jesus perform his miracles from the Bible?
  • What’s one thing you’d have a hard time believing, even if you witnessed it with your own eyes?
  • Why might people try to explain away some of Jesus’ supernatural actions instead of embracing them as reality?
  • How can you have the same heart for people and being willing to show compassion like Jesus did?

Let’s keep growing together. I’m here to serve you in this!