YOU’VE HEARD IT SAID… Lesson 4: Entitlement

Dear parents,

We’re continuing our series comparing what culture tells us and what Jesus tells us. This week we explored Matthew 5:38-42, where Jesus challenges our assumptions about revenge.

Teenagers have heard from our culture that they’re justified in taking the law into their own hands when they’re wronged. But Jesus urges us to respond much differently—and following through on that can be quite a challenge.

I encourage you to spend a few minutes this week talking with your teenager about our lesson. Consider building your conversation around these questions:

  • In your opinion, what was the most challenging thing Jesus said in this week’s lesson? Explain.
  • Why is “turning the other cheek” often so difficult? What do you think Jesus was trying to teach us?
  • If someone hurts you, what’s the best way to respond?
  • If we respond in love, how do we avoid getting walked on?
  • Based on this lesson, who do you need to treat differently during the week ahead?

We’re grateful for your prayers and support. May God bless you as your family lives for him!