A Sinner Receives Forgiveness

Use the following thoughts and questions to have a spiritual conversation as a family. Don’t emphasize having the right answer, but focus on spending time discussing the Word as a family.

2 Samuel 11:1-5,8-9,13-17; Psalm 51:4-10

Session Summary
Even though he was called a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22), David still got caught in sin. Back then, Kings led their armies on the battlefield, but David stayed home while his men were at war. This was when he got into trouble. One evening, he decided to take a walk along the palace roof and saw a woman bathing. He asked about her and had people bring her to him even though she was married. Then he sent her back home, only to later find out she was pregnant. He tried to bring her husband home and get him to stay with his wife, making him think the baby was his. But Uriah was loyal to his men and refused. So David had him placed at the front lines in battle so he would get killed. David had many chances to put a stop to his actions, as do we, but he didn’t. Eventually, the prophet Nathan confronted David about his actions. Finally, David recognized his sin and repented.

Conversation Questions
• What are some common temptations our family faces?
• As a family, discuss where sin originates in our lives and why this is important to understand.
• Who in our family’s life is like the prophet Nathan was to David? Who helps us see when we’re stuck in sin? • When have we seen sin draw us deeper into sin?

Family Challenge
Set aside a few minutes of your time together to quietly reflect on your own life and any sin you may need to confess to God or one another. Then spend some time praying over one another, asking God to help each of you stand strong when facing temptation.

(Optional) Give each person in your family a notebook or journal. Begin prayer journaling today so you can look back and see God’s faithfulness in each of your lives.