A King Shows Kindness

Use the following thoughts and questions to have a spiritual conversation as a family. Don’t emphasize having the right answer, but focus on spending time discussing the Word as a family.

2 Samuel 9:1-13

Session Summary
Saul and all of his sons, including David’s best friend, Jonathan, were killed in a battle against the Philistines. Although Saul had pursued David throughout his life, David wanted to show kindness to Saul’s descendants because of David and Jonathan’s friendship. So, he searched until he found Mephibosheth, who was Jonathan’s son. David treated Mephibpsheth like his own son, inviting him to live in Jerusalem and eat at the king’s table.

Conversation Questions
• How has God used others to care for our family the way David cared for Mephibosheth?
• What are some opportunities God has provided for our family to love and serve others?
• In what ways does God’s grace toward our family motivate us to obey Him? How does it motivate us to show grace and love toward others?
• Should God’s love and grace toward us increase our family’s love for Him? Why or why not?

Family Challenge
As a family, think of some ways you can do good for others. But don’t just make a list and set it aside; instead, make a plan to carry out at least two of these actions this week. Thank God for allowing you to serve others in love.

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