A Son Requests Wisdom

Use the following thoughts and questions to have a spiritual conversation as a family. Don’t emphasize having the right answer, but focus on spending time discussing the Word as a family.

1 Kings 3:5-15,23-28

Session Summary
King Solomon, David’s son, could have requested anything from God. But Solomon knew he was young and inexperienced and running a kingdom would be a huge responsibility, so he asked for wisdom. He didn’t request wisdom for personal gain, but so he could lead God’s people wisely. Since he didn’t ask for riches or glory for himself, God granted his request beyond measure. And Solomon used that wisdom to rule the people in such a way that they had no doubts his wisdom came from above.

Conversation Questions
• What would our family ask from God if we could ask for anything?
• When has our family needed wisdom to make a big decision or take action?
• What does Solomon’s request and the way he approached God teach us about the way we should approach God? • How can humility among our family members help us serve one another and those outside of our family?

Family Challenge
Take a look around. How can our family use the wisdom God has given us to help others? Here are a few ideas. 1. We can help our neighbors by …
2. We can help our classmates by …
3. We can help other church members by …
4. We can help one another by …
5. We can help people in our community by …


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