Habits of Jesus: Prayer

Dear parents,

We started a new series called “Habits of Jesus,” and we began discussing how Jesus is the perfect example of how to live. Even Jesus had habits—things he did regularly.

In this first lesson, we talked about Jesus’ habit of praying. Later in this series, students will also explore Jesus’ habits of giving, serving, and withdrawing.

Jesus prayed—talked to God—about lots of things. Jesus prayed by himself. He prayed publically. And through Jesus’ example, we see that prayer is just talking to God about life. Jesus prayed so he wouldn’t fall into temptation. Jesus prayed because he was facing difficulties. Jesus prayed to receive help.

This week, talk with your teenager about the lesson and share what prayer has meant in your own life. Consider starting with these questions:

  • When do you pray? Are there better times than others?
  • What do you pray about?
  • How have you seen Jesus answering your prayers?

Thank you for supporting your teenager and continuing the discussion on prayer. Have a great week!