Andrew Johnson

Andrew has lived most of his life in the Houston, TX area, where they average 2600 times less snowfall than Iowa! Andrew loves Jesus, student ministry, and music, and according to Heidi, he plays approximately 17 musical instruments! He has over 20 years of musical education and experience and enjoys playing everything from a Penny Whistle to assorted saxophones to a trap set to the bass guitar, as well as singing tenor in various choirs and bands. He also plays the piano but often leaves that to his wife of two years, Heidi, a gifted musician and singer in her own right. Andrew graduated from Baylor University in 2012 with a B.A. in Music. He served as the Director of Music for Youth Ministries at a church in Texas for 6.5 years and was closely involved in the church’s youth ministry. Andrew’s heart is to use his musical skills and his spiritual gifts of loving the Word, the Whole Counsel of God, to educate and lead young people to a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. From there he desires to help them integrate into active roles in the local church and prepare them to evangelize the world. He once described himself as a youth pastor camouflaged as a professional musician. As a couple, Andrew and Heidi are seeking the Lord’s direction and are ready to follow His lead . . . even if there’s snow!