Israel Study Tour Photo Essay: Days 7-12

Overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the town of Magdala (the home of Mary Magdalene) from Mount Arbel.
Check out this pulpit from a Catholic church in Magdala.
This is an actual 1st century fishing boat that was discovered when the Sea of Galilee was low by two local fisherman.
Don enjoying the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.


Steve leads us in a reflection and teaching time on Jn. 21 and the restoration of Peter. We are at a church on the Sea of Galilee.
A statue depicting the events of Jn. 21. The restoration of Peter.
This shows how complicated archeology can be. At first glance the building techniques of this wall look older than 1st century. But the white -round column in the middle, actually shows it is from the time of the Crusades. about 600 years after the time of Jesus.
An Egyptian outpost in the Galilee that dates back to approximately 12th century BCE. The use of bricks is a clear indication of Egyptian architecture. You won’t find anything else made with bricks in this region.
Standing on the main corridor of Beth Shean. This was the largest city in the Decapolis in the 1st century. It was totally destroyed in 749 AD.
In the church courtyard of Padre Noster (Our Father), the Lord’s Prayer is written in over 200 languages.
Larry leading a teaching time on the Lord’s Paryer in the olive grove of Padre Noster.
The Old City all lit up for a special evening celebration.


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