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Our mission is to know Christ and make Him known by walking as disciples of Jesus who fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by living out the Great Commandment (Mark 12:29-31).

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Jesus the Liberator

John 8:36 says that “if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” But what does Jesus set us free from? We tackle that question in this next portion of Matthew, where we get to see the liberating authority of Jesus in action. In Matthew 8:28-9:8, Jesus uses his authority as the Son […]


Counting the Cost

In this passage, we meet two men who thought they were ready to follow Jesus. But Jesus challenged their understanding of the cost of discipleship. Most of Matthew 8 focuses on the authority of Jesus: He is Lord over illnesses, soldiers, servants, demons, storms and even mothers-in-law! But now in this passage, we learn that […]


How To Pray :: 9/14/16

Last week we looked at “what” prayer is in Jesus’ teaching in Matt. 6: 5-13. As we looked into that passage, we saw that prayer is: Prayer is our relational life-life to God our Father. Through the gospels, Jesus refers to his Father over 122 times. And so when Jesus teaches on prayer, who does […]

What is Prayer? 9/7/14

This is the second week in our Fall series, Running The Race. Prayer can be a difficult and abstract thing for students. Yet, it is possibly one of the most foundational modes of relational connectedness with the Father, if not the most foundational. Just like our students who are confused with prayer or just plain […]

Learn To Run: 8.31.16

Paul’s life is fading and he knows it. He is living in Rome at this point and is basically on house arrest. Timothy is one of Paul’s dearest ministry partners, and Paul desires to leave his lieutenant with one last letter of encouragement. Last words are important words and Paul chooses his words with great […]

Student Ministry Blog

Philippians : Week 3 : 6/29/16

This was our third week in the Philippians, and we focused on the idea that if we are to live as Christ, that means we must live in a peaceful and unified way with each other. Here’s what Philippians 2:1-4 (NLT) says: Is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ? Any comfort from his love? […]

To Live As Christ… Week 2 (6/22)

Intern Jesse lead us through our second week in Philippines last night. We continued talking through the theme of living a whole-hearted faith that is evident in Paul’s writing. To open the lesson Jesse guided our students through a game called “landmine”. It’s sounds way more dangerous than it really is! 🙂 Landmine, is a […]

Philippians : To Live As Christ 6/15/16

Last night Intern Jesse kicked off our summer lesson series in Philippians. This series is adapted from Matt Chandler’s series on Philippians, and you can follow along each week with us via the videos on www.rightnowmedia.org. Jesse focused in our first lesson on Paul’s affection for the church in Philippi, and on his passion for […]