Greetings from Pastor Don

What should I expect when I visit?

  1. We have a Welcome Center and friendly greeters at the main entrance. Please say hello, pick up a welcome gift and feel free to ask for help finding your way to whatever you need.  (Not currently staffed due to Covid-19.)
  2. We are relaxed about what people wear. There is no dress code at our church. You’ll find people wearing everything from sport coats & dresses to shorts & sandals (depending on the season, of course!).
  3. We sing. Worshiping the Lord with voices and instruments is an important part of Christian worship. We usually begin the service with a time of singing that lasts about 15-20 minutes. We ask people to stand during that time, but folks are always welcome to sit or kneel if they want. The words to the songs are projected on the walls, so it is easy to follow along.
  4. We pray. At various times during the service, the pastor or one of the other leaders will lead in prayer.
  5. We listen. Most weeks one of our pastors will preach a Bible-based sermon in the 30-40 minute range.
  6. We provide nursery care. Nursery care for infants through children who are 3 years old is available during Sunday School and the worship service. Plan to arrive ten minutes early to meet our volunteers and to help your child get settled.  (Not currently staffed due to Covid-19.)
  7. We offer a Children’s Church for children ages 4-6. These children start out in the worship service with their parents. Toward the end of the musical worship time, there will be a message on the screen that says “Lil’ Praisers are dismissed.” The children head for Children’s Church at that point, and parents are welcome to go with them to help them get settled. And of course, if you would rather keep your 4-6 year old with you for the whole service, that is fine too!  (Not currently staffed due to Covid-19.)
  8. We serve communion (also known as the Lord’s Supper or the Lord’s Table) on the first Sunday of the month, usually toward the end of the service. If you believe in Jesus and trust in Him alone for your salvation, you are invited to participate.
  9. We have an opportunity for people to give financially as part of the worship service. However, if you are visiting our church, please know that you are our guest and should not feel pressured to give. The weekly offering is how those who regularly participate in our church’s ministry support the ongoing work.
  10. You can expect the whole service to run approximately 75 minutes. Sometimes it goes a little longer, sometimes a little shorter.