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Parents, this is the place for you to find weekly teaching summaries and questions to dialogue with your student about.

From time to time there will be articles posted here with helpful resources targeted at raising and spiritually developing your teen.

Lesson 1: Defining Love

Dear parents, We’ve launched a three-lesson series dealing with sex and dating. Each week students will explore different Scripture passages to help them understand God’s definition of love. In the first lesson, we defined love by gaining a biblical understanding of it. To do this, we read 1 John 3:16–4:21, an extended reflection on the…


Dear parents, Being a Christian isn’t always easy. Cultural bullying occurs when people speak up for and follow Jesus. So Christians can be hesitant about diving into our faith’s more spectacular components. Jesus’ miracles seem to fall into that category. Although Jesus regularly did tangible miracles that blew people’s minds, we often struggle to grasp…