Nursery & Children’s Church

Thank you so much for blessing our families and honoring God with your service! Please make every effort to be in the nursery or the children’s church room on time for each assigned day. If you change with another person, please contact the church office by Wednesday so that changes can be made to the bulletin.

Nursery Schedule
                             Sunday School                                                 Church Service

June 16               Christi Cunningham & Galynn Hoye             Felicia Nelsen & Peggy Perkins

June 23               Carol Dimig & Brenda Zellmer                      Jolene Mitchell & Juli Seemann

June 30               Gary & Joanne DeArment                             Doug & Angie Rossell

July 7                   Independence Day Holiday-No S.S.          Sarah Altman & Pam Russell

July 14                 Margaret Henderson & Carli Henderson     Mary Harris & Donna Wood

July 21                 Vic & Mindy Nichols                                      Dan & Tina Olson

July 28                 Christi Cunningham & Galynn Hoye             Felicia Nelsen & Peggy Perkins

August 4               Carol Dimig & Brenda Zellmer                     Jolene Mitchell & Juli Seemann

August 11             Gary & Joanne DeArment                            Doug & Angie Rossell

Children’s Church Schedule

June 16                Jon & Darcy Schwanke Family

June 23                Larry & Heidi Hinman

June 30                Jim & Danelle Skartvedt

July 7                    Independence Day Holiday Weekend – No Children’s Church

July 14                  Ron & Pam Russell

July 21                  Chad & Karen Williams Family

July 28                  Jon & Darcy Schwanke Family

August 4                Larry & Heidi Hinman

August 11              Jim & Danelle Skartvedt

August 18              Ron & Pam Russell

August 25              Chad & Karen Williams Family

September 1          Labor Day Holiday Weekend – No Children’s Church


Thank you for serving!  If you have a conflict, please contact another family or teaching team to swap weeks.  If you do make a switch, please contact Angie, in the church office, so that she can make the change on the master schedule and in the bulletin reminders.