Greeting at E Free 2020

This is the schedule for the greeters in 2020.  If you are unable to greet during your month or part of your month, check with those in another month if you could trade.  If that does not work, call Gary or Joanne DeArment (249-6836).

Please be at the door to greet by 10:10 AM.  Please clean up the coffee pot after the Worship Service.  Greeters do not need to make coffee for fellowship time.

Greeters are encouraged to greet as a family.

January                          Curt & Michelle Behrends

February                         Paul & Sheryl Iekel

March                             Doug & Mary Harris

April                                Clark & Mary Johnson

May                                 Bill & Linda Nichols

June                                Marvin & Marilyn Kaufman

July                                 Bobby & Debbie McLean

August                            Mike & Marlene Jensen

September                      Mike & Beth Henderson

October                          Jon & Diane Martens

November                       Ed & Jolene Smith

December                       Victor & Mindy Nichols Family

Thank you for serving!