Congregational Care Teams

  “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…”                  1 Thessalonians 5:11

What Is a Care Team?
Each Care Team consists of a group of women whose purpose is to minister to each other and the body of Christ in spiritual and practical ways when needs arise. These groups are structured to serve the physical (and thereby perhaps emotional and spiritual) needs of our congregation’s families (e.g., illness, a move, a death). Another aspect of Care Teams is to encourage each woman to use her God-given gifts in order to minister to others.  Care teams also serve to quickly assimilate newcomers into our congregation.

How They Work…
Needs (e.g. a physical need or prayer) are communicated to the co-chairs, who notify and call into action the rest of the team.  Generally a team provides 3 meals to an individual or family following a birth, hospitalization, or death in the family.

If you would like to be a part of this ministry contact coordinators Joanne DeArment at 249-6836 or Carol Dimig at 254-1018.

Team 1 Coordinators

Cindy Nichols

Barb Belstene

Team 1 Members

Janet Morgan

Sue Hunt

Deb McLean

Brenda Meads

Donna Wood

Kayla Sechler


Team 2 Coordinators

Michelle Behrends

Beth Henderson

Team 2 Members

Linda Nichols

Abby Becker

Ruth McMillen

Jennie Baxley

Ashley Froebe


Team 3 Coordinators

Pam Russell

Tina Olson

Team 3 Members

Diane Allen

Denise Schlater

Dee Andersen

Tamera Sheard

Juli Seemann

Emma Vollmar

Brielle Cerven

Ayla Peppmeier


Team 4 Coordinators

Christy Cunningham

Team 4 Members

Danelle Skartvedt

Karen Williams

Renae Schlater

Darcy Schwanke

Sandra Clough

Jo Wagner

Tish Mendenhall

Betty Hickman


 Team 5 Coordinators

Sharon Paul

Team 5 Members

Stacey Pellett

Heidi Hinman

Peggy Perkins

Arlene Shaver

Kelly Monson

Joyce Young

Angie Johnson

Pam Klar


Team 6 Coordinators

Carrie Clemsen

Team 6 Members

Shirley Ferguson

Sandy Cunningham

Sharon Ludington

Sheryl Iekel

Sue Leslie

Becky Stahr

Hannah Bamberg

Megan Hansen


Team 7 Coordinators

Diane Martens

Jan Myers

Team 7 Members

Linda Herman

Amy Roland

Jeri Ryan

Sharon Yokimishyn

Betty Gee

Helen Gearhart

Shari Clemsen


Team 8 Coordinators

Jolene Smith

Brenda Zellmer

Team 8 Members

Margaret Henderson

Jane Becker

Becky Holmes

Buffy Barrs

Carolyn Hunt

Felicia Nelsen

Annette Smith


Team 9 Coordinators

Marlene Jensen

Jen Wagner

Team 9 Members

Karen Bissell

Bonnie Starlin

Carolyn DeLay

Angie Rossell

Carol Dimig

Marilyn Kaufman

Jordan Starlin

LuAnn Dishman


Team 10 Coordinators

Jeanie Williams

Joanne DeArment

Team 10 Members

Cyndi Ferguson

Mary Neece

Pat Fischer

Shirley Warne

Linda Guy

Paula Osegard


Team 11 Coordinators

Jolene Mitchell

Galynn Hoye

Team 11 Members

Crystal Starlin

Steph Cousins

Jody Rossell

Sandy Bierbaum

Joyce Link

Ylene Alm

Elisha Hardy


Team 12 Coordinators

Mindy Nichols

Carol South

Team 12 Members

Angie (Ted) Johnson

Mary Johnson

Amber Larson

Dee South

Laura McLean

Mary Harris

Sarah Altman