Prayer Request From Ron & Pam Russell

Many of you on the prayer request list have connected with the Caring Bridge site put up to share information on Turner’s ongoing battle with brain cancer. We wanted to share it via this list as well – you can register for the site to receive updates when they post, or you can just check into the site at any time – We would ask specifically for prayer, for a shift in treatment. Turner has started on a maintenance round of chemotherapy (the oral drug Temodar), that will be cycled each month for several months ahead (5 days on and then off the rest of a 28 day cycle – the drug stays in the system and does its work). This is the same chemo he received during radiation treatment, but more than twice the dosage strength. He also started on a steroid to address swelling in the brain, from from the all out attack on the tumor. Since the steroid started last Friday did not result in significant symptom relief, Turner will have the drug Avastin added to his regime. This is delivered intravenously twice a month – he is receiving the first dosage tomorrow (Wednesday, January 16th). Please pray that there would be an impact from this additional treatment, and that he could avoid any of the possible side effects of this treatment. There could be some mild side effects, but there is the possibility (rare) of more problematic effects. This particular drug is to address the swelling, and also have an impact on reducing tumor growth by attacking blood vessel development that would supply a tumor. Thank you for supporting Turner and our family in prayer!


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