Prayer Request From Alex & Angie Johnson

Sophie has been experiencing difficulties swallowing as well as breathing issues. At an aero digestive clinic on Oct 10th one of her doctors noted that she also has what they call a redundant pallet. Something that will need to be fixed but it’s a “tricky” surgery and the doctor wants to make sure of everything before she proceeds, if she even does. Due to questions the team has with Sophie and her problems swallowing, breathing, and pallet she will be going in Tuesday November 5th at 1 pm for a triple scope procedure. Her team of doctors will be checking a many different things. One if there are any other problems anatomy wise that they cannot see without going down with a scope, checking lungs for any potential issues, and taking biopsies down her entire GI track checking for celiac disease and any other food allergies that could be causing the swallowing issues. Please be praying for the doctors to have clear guidance on how to beat treat Sophie. That Sophie will feel God’s peace and his presence as she goes back into the operating room. Currently she is full of anxiety and worry. Pray that Sophie would come off the anesthesia without any complications (she has had problems with this every time before). Also, pray for Alex and I and the worries and anxieties that we too are experiencing.


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